College Attended: University of Florida

Degree: Exercise Sport Science, Minor in Education

Years In Field: TBA

Job Title: Pharmaceutical Sales, AstraZeneca

Job Description

Develop superior product and disease state knowledge and effectively educate and engage healthcare professionals in a dialogue about clinical evidence, approved indications and product efficacy/safety profiles to support on-label prescribing for appropriate patients. 

Day to Day Responsibilities

- Call on healthcare professionals within a given geography to promote the portfolio of products I am responsible for.

What do you love most about your job?

I love the relationships I have developed over the years - both within my own company and the healthcare industry. I am energized by relationships and serving others and this job offers that for me. I have also always loved human science and this profession allows me to tap into that desire to continually learn in this arena. 

Misconceptions About Your Job

I think the biggest misconception about this job is that it is easy. This job is ever changing and what you think you know to be true won’t be true for too long. You have to constantly reinvent ways to do your job within a confined realm of regulations.

Advice For Anyone Interested In Your Field

The best way to learn about pharma is to find someone in the field and spend time with them. Ask questions. Inquire about what their day looks like. What do they like and dislike about the job? Most in pharma will tell you they love their job, but they will also tell you it is not a cakewalk. It does fit the personality and character trait of a lot of former student athletes.

Advice for current/former student-athletes about successfully transitioning to the real world.

It is a transition. Give yourself a break here. Seek out mentors who can help guide you in moving from where you are to where you want to be. Remember that what you poses is something employers want - even if you are not quite sure how to deliver it yet.

Would you change anything about your college experience as it relates to your own personal development?

I would have sought out opportunities to learn about different types of professions. I had a general degree that did not point me in a specific direction after college. When exploring majors, really look at where your interests lie and if a specific degree exists to fulfill those interests, pursue it.